Herbal Mouthwash & Throat Gargle

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A fresh herbal mouthwash and effective remedy for sore throats.

This pleasantly bracing herbal remedy harnesses powerful antiseptic herbal oils and disinfectant mineral salts to fight infection or decay; soothe, treat and help prevent ulcers, inflamed gums and sore throats; and ensure fresh breath.


  • Use half to one teaspoonful to rinse out mouth after brushing
  • Gargle with half to one teaspoonful to prevent or combat sore throat
  • Can be diluted if desired
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Essential Product Essential
Ingredients (a-z) Baking soda (Sodium bicarbonate), Clove buds (non-irradiated), Eucalyptus essential oil (organic), Glycerin (vegetable-based, non-GM rapeseed), Kalahari rock salt, Peppermint essential oil (organic), Table Mountain spring water, Tea tree essential oil (organic), Xylitol (Birch)
Volume 125ml
Vegan Yes
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