Handmade, local and ethical

The Apothecary is a 100% woman-owned and operated local business that’s been making truly wholesome, gentle and effective body and home care products since 2010. Each item is made from pure, simple, high quality ingredients sourced with great thoughtfulness, and packaged with love and care. Edible, compostable, and harmless in the environment, our range pampers you while respecting the world you live in. Nothing is wasted, and we weigh up the impact of every process and ingredient we use to ensure that we are always working to MAKE IT BETTER, for all of us

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Gracious goodness

At The Apothecary we refuse to compromise on goodness and always work to MAKE IT BETTER. Our body care range uses only edible ingredients and our household care range consists of only naturally occurring, beneficial inputs, minimally processed. Everything is easily recognised by organisms and breaks down quickly and harmlessly in real environments.



Local and lekker

Building a strong, sustainable, local economy helps to MAKE IT BETTER for everyone. We constantly research indigenous and locally-produced ingredients and materials, and choose local businesses who we trust to work with. We insist on the highest quality while remaining accessible and affordable. We actively support our local neighbourhood and environment.

RAspect sun protection

Apothecary, "bringer of help"

Care for the earth and all life informs our every decision and process. We seek out the most powerful, raw, organic and ethically sound inputs. Inspired by ancient methods, we constantly experiment with new ways to MAKE IT BETTER. We steer away from all plastic, offering refills, returns, and home compostable packaging.




The value of small

The Apothecary has a big heart and a light tread. We work tirelessly to waste nothing, keeping our supply chain local, our ingredients raw, and our packaging waste-free. We MAKE IT BETTER in small batches, carefully, by hand. We pay great attention to details, meaning each item delivers big, beautiful results.

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