Bath Salts - Rose & Rosehip (250g)

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Pamper and soothe mind and body, and delight the senses with this indulgent blend. Based on detoxifying, soothing Epsom salts with ground rosehips and featuring dried rose petals and the delicate fragrances of rose and rose geranium.

Both rose and rose geranium comfort and uplift, alleviating sadness and anxiety. They also promote and support healthful skin, as do rosehips with their extremely high vitamin C content.


  • Add as much as desired to a warm to hot bath, or a foot bath, to relax, de-stress, soothe aching muscles and joints, soften skin and draw out toxins.
  • Store in a sealed container to prevent caking


  • epsom salts (magnesium sulphate)
  • dried rose petals (organic, origin: RSA)
  • ground rosehips (origin: RSA)
  • rosa species essential oil 
  • rose geranium essential oil (organic, origin: RSA)

Food for thought

Use your cooled bath water to water your garden or plants. The Salts contain useful additions for soil, especially around fruiting or flowering plants or newly planted plants.

Our Bath Salts are packaged in compost-friendly brown paper bags and cornstarch inners, with paper labels. Tear up the packaging and add it to your compost heap or leaf pile.

Rose essential oil is known as the Queen of Oils because of its potency and appealing aroma. Rose Geranium, although extracted from the leaves of this South African plant, has a rosy floral scent and many similar properties as well as its own.

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