Deodorant - Tea Tree & Cedarwood (50ml)

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A highly effective, creamy deodorant with a captivating woody aroma that will pamper and support your body. Made with nourishing, edible ingredients, each carefully chosen for its multiple benefits, this deodorant inhibits bacterial growth, neutralises bad odour and pampers the skin.


  • Apply a tiny amount to underarms to remain odour-free all day. 


  • coconut oil (unrefined, organic, origin: Mozambique)
  • cornstarch (non-GM, origin: RSA)
  • sodium bicarbonate (food grade)
  • raw Cape beeswax
  • hemp oil (cold-pressed, origin: RSA)
  • vegetable glycerin (non-GM rapeseed, origin: RSA)
  • natural bentonite clay
  • tea tree essential oil (origin: RSA)
  • cedarwood essential oil (organic, origin: Morocco)

Food for thought

Using noxious chemicals that are harmful to your long-term health and the environment, to block and mask body odour, does not make good sense. Nor does using deodorant that irritates delicate underarm skin or that has to be reapplied often.

The Apothecary Deodorant is a 100% natural and benign deodorant that is highly effective and soothing to skin. Only wholesome, high quality, and edible ingredients that do GOOD both on your skin and in the wider environment are used.

The Apothecary Deodorant eliminates bad odour, inhibits bacterial growth and pampers the skin! It’s a luxurious cream deodorant that comes in four varieties delicately scented with therapeutic essential oils.

You can read lots more about our deodorants and their ingredients, why to avoid "conventional" deodorants, and related issues, here.

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