Eco toilet paper

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Our locally made eco loo paper is made from a remarkably soft and strong blend of sustainable fibres. Based on sugarcane waste, it is 100% biodegradable and beneficial to soils, and contains no chlorine, inks or dyes.

  • Hybrid blend of sustainable fibres

  • Made from 60% tree-free sugarcane fibre (bagasse), a waste product of the sugar industry, and 40% FSC-approved wood pulp to ensure sustainable afforestation

  • Single ply, but very soft and strong (noticeably softer and stronger than most recycled paper products)

  • 100% biodegradable - bagasse fibres dissolve and break down quickly in real-life settings and are safe for all disposal systems

  • Bagasse has high nutrient content that is beneficial for plant growth, with the potential to enhance soil quality, increase crop yields, and improve environmental quality

  • The virgin fibres used don’t require heavy bleaching like recycled paper products do

  • Contain and use no chlorine, acids, inks or dyes

  • Fibres are bleached using an elemental chlorine free process that is better for health and the environment

  • Made in SA

  • Sold in loose rolls with no unnecessary packaging or plastic

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83 Eco toilet paper, per roll available.

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