Facial Polish - Cookie Dough (50ml)

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This gentle polish with the delicious fragrance of cinnamon cookies, pampers and protects all skins, especially drier or more mature skin. It fights blemishes, helps plump up fine lines, smooths, heals and protects. A delectable mixture to cleanse, exfoliate and nourish the delicate skin of your face. It can be used daily as a gently textured wash, or left on longer as a detoxifying and nourishing mask. Will draw out impurities, slough off dirt and dead cells, tone, smooth, nourish and lock in moisture.


  • Moisten skin with warm water.
  • Use an almond-sized amount and massage gently into skin.
  • Rinse well with warm water.
  • For occasional deeper cleansing and intensive nourishment, leave on for 15 minutes or as long as desired before rinsing.


  • ground oats (organic)
  • coconut flour (non-irradiated)
  • natural bentonite clay
  • ground cinnamon (non-irradiated)
  • grapeseed oil (organic, origin: RSA)
  • avocado oil (origin: RSA)
  • jojoba (organic, origin: Western Cape, RSA)
  • honey (raw, ethically sourced, origin: RSA)
  • vegetable glycerin (non-GM rapeseed, origin: RSA)
  • vanilla essential oil 
  • sweet orange essential oil (organic, origin: RSA)
  • lemon essential oil (organic, origin: RSA)
  • cinnamon leaf essential oil (origin: Madagascar)

Food for thought

It's best to avoid high-foaming soaps and detergents on facial skin. Soap with any free alkali will saponify all oil on your skin, leaving it dried out. This is bad news for both dry and oily skin, which will either battle to recover a healthy sebum level, or rush to over compensate by becoming oiler.

Harsher exfoliators such as salt or sugar crystals, and hard substances such as ground up nut shells, are also best avoided on the face. They can cause irritation and redness along with micro tears.

Our Facial Polishes are extremely gentle yet powerful cleansers that won't dry out your skin. They clean effectively while at the same time replenishing and pampering. The softly textured product provides such gentle exfoliation that it can be used every day. Antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory volcanic clay and raw honey help sooth and diminish a range of potential skin problems, while oils replenish the skin.

Cookie Dough is suited to a wide range of skin types, with a focus on more mature, sensitive or irritated skin. Jojoba, Avocado and Cinnamon leaf each have their own powerful benefits, soothing irritations, stimulating collagen production and providing antioxidants. They work together with the other ingredients to improve the skin's elasticity and minimise the effects of aging. However, Cookie Dough is also useful for younger skins , including acne-prone skin, and can be alternated or used in place of Marine Mint Facial Polish if preferred.

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