Multi-purpose Citrus Infused Vinegar (500ml or 1 litre)

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This amazingly versatile and effective citrus-scented cleaner is also completely safe to use anywhere in the home. It even makes a delicious salad dressing! Natural vinegar has been slowly infused with seasonal fresh citrus peels for a wonderful fragrance and powerful cleansing properties. Packaged in glass with aluminium closure and paper labels so it's completely reusable, recyclable and plastic-free.
  • Use neat or diluted to clean windows and glass
  • Cleans ceramic, metal, or any hard household surfaces, including wood
  • Add to rinse water or use as dishwasher rinse aid for sparkling dishes and clear pipes
  • Add to a bucket of water to mop floors, including wooden floors
  • Use neat to clean and disinfect toilet bowl, chopping boards and surfaces
  • Add to a foot bath – softens skin, fights fungal infection and improves circulation
  • Dilute with water to rinse blonde hair for smoothness and shine
  • Freshens the air and deters insects.


  • natural vinegar infused with citrus peels
  • non-gm citric acid (corn derived)
  • lemon essential oil (organic, origin: RSA)
  • sweet orange essential oil (organic, origin: RSA)

Tip: Pair with The Apothecary Dishwasher Salts for clean and sparkling results with no harsh chemicals.

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