RAspect Every Day Dream Cream (200g)

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RAspect Every Day Dream Cream is a safe and natural, nourishing, mineral sunscreen that works!

RAspect provides a high level of protection against both UVA rays (the ones that can cause skin aging) and UVB rays (the ones that can cause sun burn). It is also not just a sunscreen: it is protective, moisturising, soothing and healing. Use it to help soothe, treat and protect against rashes, chaffing, cuts and grazes as well as block out sunburn.

RAspect consists entirely of completely safe, wholesome ingredients and is harmless to people, coral, and the rest of the ocean and earth. RAspect is safe for everyone, from babies to the aged and including anyone with sensitive skin. RAspect is made in small batches, with love and care, by hand. It’s packaged in a returnable, reusable and completely recyclable tin.

We use only wholesome ingredients that respect your body, the oceans and the earth. RAspect is so good for you that you can eat it (it's very tasty). Each ingredient is carefully selected for it's multiple benefits and we work hard to source the purest, least processed, and most ethically produced ingredients we can find. The result is a product so healthy you can eat it, that smells delicious, nourishes and protects your skin, and releases nothing toxic into the environment. Good on you!

We create RAspect following four simple principles:

  • Respect for the earth and all its systems
  • Respect for our bodies
  • Respect for the power of the sun (RA)
  • Respect for the power of nature to protect and heal

100% natural, spreadable, edible, hand-crafted sunscreen, for every day use by every body!


  • If necessary, rub required amount between palms of hands to soften and spread easily.
  • Apply over desired areas for nourishing, full spectrum protection from UV rays.
  • Reapply after swimming and/or every 2 hours of exposure to the sun.
  • Store tub upright in a cool place. If the product melts, simply stir lightly and put in a cool place to firm up.


  • mafura butter (origin: Mozambique)
  • coconut oil (virgin, organic, origin: Mozambique)
  • non-nano zinc oxide
  • castor oil (organic)
  • cocoa powder (organic, fair trade)
  • raw beeswax (origin: Western Cape, RSA)
  • grapeseed oil (organic, origin: RSA)
  • hemp oil (cold-pressed, origin: RSA)
  • mongongo nut oil (cold-pressed, origin: Namibia)
  • vanilla essential oil 
  • cinnamon leaf essential oil (origin: Madagascar)


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